Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
Provision of state of the art air conditioning solutions (for home and commercial customers) customized to meet individual requirement. Quality preventive maintenance plan to ensure smooth operation and longer durability of air conditioners. We carry branded air conditioners including DAIKIN, ACSON, PANASONIC, YORK, CARRIER, FUJIAIRE, TOSHIBA.
Electrical & Cabling
Electrical & Cabling
Designing and installation of electrical wiring, lighting systems, network cabling, fibre optic cabling, telephone systems and cabling, lighting arrestors and earthing systems. arrestor and grounding system.

Our clients are SONY Malaysia Sdn Bhd, AFFIN BANK, MAXIS COMMUNICATIONS, MAYBANK and etc.

Air Conditioning Project

We provide best air conditioners services to various industries.

Air Conditioner Supplier

We specialize in following air conditioners brands DAIKIN, ACSON, PANASONIC, YORK, CARRIER, FUJIAIRE, TOSHIBA.


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Setia Air-Cond and Electrical Sdn Bhd is the air conditioner brand name for every household, industries and commercial properties in Malaysia. Being one of the air conditioners market leader, we strive to maintain our position by providing best air conditioners services to our valued customers in terms of timely deliveries and quality services. We are also very competitive in the air conditioners market.

Setia Air-cond and Electrical Sdn Bhd was established in the year 1990 with the primary objective of providing air conditioning services to various industries in Malaysia. We have grown and expanded tremendously through out the years in line to market needs and demand. We have been providing air conditioning services to all levels irrespective of the size of our customers.

The company specialises in the distribution, installation and support of Air Conditioning systems including DAIKIN, ACSON, PANASONIC, YORK, CARRIER, FUJIAIRE, TOSHIBA, offering air conditioners repairs and air conditioner services for all types of air conditioners.


Daikin Air Conditioners
Setia Air-Cond is supplying Daikin air conditioners in Malaysia. Daikin uses world leading air conditioner technology around the world, and has been in the air conditioner industry for more than 40 years to date. Daikin air conditioners are found in thousands of homes and offices, focusing on bringing cool climates across the country. Air conditioners are always our specialty, and we believe Daikin air conditioners share the same quality as Setia Air-Cond hence the partnership. Whether if you are looking for a split system, multi split or ducted air conditioning system, Daikin air conditioners have it all for your home and office. We design and tailor the perfect air conditioning system for you. We continuously drive energy efficiency and improve air cooling comfort for our customers.
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